Monday, 14 September 2015


There are now lots of books written by scientists who can explain learning theory and the science behind positive reinforcement training far better than I ever could. They can tell you how the amygdala is one of the most ancient parts of the brain and how it is the centre for fear. They can show you how it is larger in the horse than in any other domestic animal, making the horse hard wired for panic and flight. They can explain how fear is closely linked with anger and rage, and how tapping into other brain and emotional circuits when training horses is much safer, kinder and loads more fun for both horse and trainer.

I am no scientist and will leave those explanations to others better equipped for the job. I will rely on the ancient way of passing on information; storytelling, to try to play my part in the growing revolution in horse training that is now, slowly, gaining momentum.

I hope that reading this book will inspire you to want to find out more and read some of those other books, but, more than anything, I hope that reading these stories about me training my horses using clicker training will make you want to try it. And, above all else, I hope you will discover, for yourself and for your horse, the depth of understanding, communication, satisfaction, fascination, endless possibilities and sheer, unadulterated joy that clicker training has brought to me and my horses. I am living proof that clicker training really can make your dreams come true!